When embarking on a quest together, we should be able to rely on one another like a roped party.


We believe that an ongoing sparring partnership is both centerpiece and foundation of a good collaboration. Besides findings from the conversations themselves, once a specific need comes up, we can build on a shared understanding of the context and a developed mutual trust.


“Attitude trumps skill”. Even more than expertise or functional competencies, it comes down to one’s values and personality as well as respective behaviors (culture). An organization’s culture is strongly shaped by role-modeled behaviors, communication and decisions of members of the top leadership teams. Just in the meaning of “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, these “softer” aspects should receive special attention, when developing a leadership organization.


Typical interview or workshop settings have their limits in shedding light on the cultural aspects of a leadership personality or a board team. Therefore, we invite you together with your board teams or with a final candidate in a succession or search process for some informal time away from daily business. Up in the mountains, when cooking together or when sharing a roof, you meet on a much more personal level and can explore attitude and personality.

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