Jointly working on the continuous development of your leadership organization


For key roles, succession plans should be in place and continuously updated. We facilitate structured succession processes in context of a generation transition within a shareholder family or a well-prepared handover of critical roles on non-executive or executive boards.


When staffing leadership roles on the top level, it often makes sense to compare internal and external options. Sometimes it is vital to intentionally bring in competencies or cultural impulses from outside the current organization. We conduct search processes for non-executive and executive board as well as foundation board and family office roles.


Companies need to adapt to new conditions on an ongoing basis. We help as an advisor and moderator with adjusting and continuously developing your governance according to current and future parameters and in defining guiding principles and suitable structures.


It is critical that non-executive and executive board teams match the mid- and long-term outlook in terms of composition and work together effectively. We facilitate tailored processes for board evaluation and development, and help designing and setting up new boards.


You want to look into the overall picture of your leadership organization on a regular basis, reflect on the context of your roles or prepare for new ones. We are happy to meet you for regular sparring sessions. For highly specific topics, we may bring in the best within respective domains through our network. We are your “consigliere”.


Exchanging with peers or getting expert input often helps as food for thought or reflection. We bring together peers and experts in discreet settings for impulses and exchange.

Career Counseling

You want to look into the option of joining your family’s business or discuss your career plans for non-executive or executive board roles in a more structured manner. We help you map out the basics and structure the most relevant questions as well as refine your approach to a desired next step or prepare for a selection process.

Pro Bono

Nonprofit organizations have the same need for continuously developing their leadership organization. However, they often lack the financial means to employ professional support. Therefore, we take on one pro bono mandate with a nonprofit p.a.

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